About us

YesYouLearn is the 1st online courses platform dedicated to individuals. Our courses are designed for you by experts in their fields.


OUR VISION is that learning and knowledge make everything possible. Today, anyone can learn online, wherever he or she is. Everyone can now set his or her own goals and achieve them.

OUR MISSION is to provide quality online courses to you, ensure they are accessible wherever you are and enable you to achieve your goals: discover or explore new passions, satisfy your curiosity, develop new skills, get this well-deserved promotion at work, start your own business or simply enjoy learning something new…
Our teachers go through a thorough selection process as we not only want to provide quality courses but also courses that answer your needs and expectations and enable you to reach your objectives.

OUR COURSES : We intend to add new courses regularly. If you want to follow a specific course, tell us about it in the contact section. If you are a teacher or an expert in your field and have or want to develop a course, contact us, we’ll be happy to talk about it with you.