Our team comprises enthusiasts, who like startups, taking an adventure together and proposing the best courses so that each of our students can learn with passion and achieve his or her goals.

If you recognize yourself in these words and do not enjoy corporate bureaucracy, meeting craze or copy-making- copy-fetching internships, send us your application (no need to write a formal cover letter, simply tell us about you and the reasons why you’d like to work with us) at and we’ll be happy to meet you around a good cup of coffee (don’t worry we’ll fetch it for you).


If you’re an expert and have clicked on this tab, you’re at the wrong place but don’t worry we’ll guide you!

You feel you are an expert dedicated to your audience and its needs? You already have an online course or a traditional course (paper, book…) you’d like to propose online?

Send us an email. Go to contact, select "partners" and give us some information about you: tell us who you are, give us a link or an access so that we can see what you do, and your phone number to call you back.

Looking forward to hearing from you.