Photography :
Pack Expert + Microstock





Photography : Pack Expert + Microstock

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1 x Photography : Expert

  • Lifetime access to the full Expert Photograhy course (value 169€)
  • 30 video chapters (18h) designed by a team of Photography superheroes
  • Basics + Advanced techniques (Lightpainting, Action Photography...) + Lightroom 
  • + 1 speciality to choose among Sports, Wedding, Nature & Animals or Studio
  • A certificate of completion at the end of the program.

1 x Microstock : Sell Your Pictures

You keep pilling up your pictures in a folder on your computer and you would like to give them a better future?

Thanks to this online course, you will learn how to take and improve your pictures so you can sell them on microstock platforms like Fotolia, Istockphoto or even Shutterstock, etc.

Pack Expert + Microstock

278,00 €

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