Foire aux questions

What is YesYouLearn?

YesYouLearn is an internet website providing online courses for individuals. These courses are designed for you by experts in their fields.


What does a course look like?

Courses come in various formats. We always try to offer course material suitable for the subject undertaken. Courses mainly contain videos, schemes, texts (explanation and description), quizzes to assess and confirm the assimilation of knowledge.

What are the requirements?

We propose full range courses from beginner to advanced. Thus, apart from basic computer knowledge no specific skills are required to follow our courses.

How long will I be able to access my course?

For each course, the duration of completion is indicated. We make sure that the access to the platform lasts longer than the course duration to grant your learning freedom and accommodate your schedule.

Are my courses fully accessible online or will I have to attend classes?

Your entire course will be online. There are no classes to attend.

Are the courses scheduled at a specific time of the day?

No, you can follow your course 24/7.

Will I get a certificate once the course is complete?

A certificate is generally delivered at the end of a course. Terms and conditions of delivery are mentioned on the course page. The certificate will not be delivered before a 3-month period of training.

Can I download YesYouLearn Courses?

You needn’t bother downloading and archiving your course. Your courses are available in your e-learning space. You only need an internet connection. Moreover, our platform is equipped with functionalities enabling you to easily identify the chapters you’ve already studied.


I forgot my password – What can I do?

When you connect to your profile, click on “Forgotten password ?”, or click here on the link “forgotten password?”. Then, enter the email address corresponding to your account and click on “Retrieve my password”. You’ll receive an email explaining what to do.

There is currently no discount on the course I’m interested in/ I have a coupon, but I am not available to start the course immediately.

Don’t worry. We thought about it. We make sure that the access to the platform lasts longer than the course duration to grant your learning freedom and accommodate your schedule. You can register now and will have all the time you need to complete your course.


What is the configuration required to follow YesYouLearn courses?

You will need an internet connection and an updated browser.

I have a technical problem (the video won’t play, the video is stuttering, the buffering circle won’t stop spinning), what can I do?

  • Log out, log in and go back to your video
  • Try to play the video on another browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera…)
  • Freeze the video on another browser and play it again after a few minutes. Depending on the internet speed quality, you may have to wait for the video to download.

If the problem remains, contact us, providing us with as much information as you can.

  • Your browser
  • Mac (version) or PC
  • Reference, link or title of the video
  • Details on the problem encountered with the video


Do you have an affiliate program?

Our affiliate program will be available soon! We can already work on other types of partnerships. Contact us through “contact” and select “Partners” in subjects.

What do I have to do to become a trainer/teacher?

You already have quality courses or are already a teacher/expert in your field, we’ll be happy to talk about it with you.

Go to “contact” and select “Partners” in subjects.

I want to suggest a tutorial

You’d like to recommend us a course or would like to follow a course that is not on our platform.

Go to “contact” and select “Recommendation” in subjects.